Site Power

Scorpion Site & Power Services provides solutions for all your Site Power needs.  From reliable and efficient power generation through to distribution, management and maintenance.

Our wide range of generators, including AMF and sync set back-up systems, provides the right power supply in the right location on your site.  From 6 KVA upwards we can supply the power you need for your site.  We know that a strong foundation sets the stage for excellence.  Our Power Distribution Solutions are designed to optimise efficiency and safety, making sure that power reaches every corner of your site without interruption.

Providing efficient Cable Management solutions for routing, protection and organisation, we ensure a functional and safe cable infrastructure.

Together, with comprehensive Fuel Management solutions, covering fuel storage,monitoring, inventory control and consumption tracking, we establish a reliable and efficient fuel supply for your operations.

Scorpion’s Site & Power Distribution division is committed to service delivery and reliability.  From initial design to execution and ongoing support, we’re here to power your projects.

Power Generation

Discover dependable Power Generation solutions.  We deliver tailored installations, and emergency response to ensure uninterrupted operations. From a single generator to a site wide set of machines, we provide generated power wherever required.

Power Distribution

Seamless Power Distribution solutions. Our team co-ordinates design and installation of safe and efficient power distribution.  All installations are tested and commissioned to the required legislative standard (such as BS7909 for temporary power systems).

Cable Management

From installation to maintenance, we ensure a safe, tidy and functional cable infrastructure, and DDA compliant. Cable Management can be at ground level using cable ramp or at high level using our scaffolding or bridging. Cable Ramps can also be added to pedestrian crossings.

Fuel Management

Our Fuel Management solutions cover everything from fuel storage and monitoring to inventory control and consumption tracking.  With our expertise, you can optimise fuel usage, reduce costs and ensure a reliable and efficient fuel supply for your operations.

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