Structures & Cover

At Scorpion Site & Power Services, we recognise that structures can have an important practical and visual impact.  We can provide a full range of temporary solutions to help bring your events to life.

Our Structures and Covers offer a comprehensive range of solutions from elegant marquees creating stunning event venues, practical marquees for Summer and Christmas markets to pop-up gazebos.  Whether hosting a grand celebration or seeking temporary shade, let us transform your spaces with our custom-tailored designs.

Together with versatile Viewing and Media platforms, Tiered Seating, Truss structures Stages and Roofs, Gantries and Lighting Rigs, Access Ramps and Cabins, Scorpion Site and Power Services can provide the structures and covers required for your site.

Stages & Roof Structures

Elevate your event experience with our viewing platforms. Our sturdy and safe platforms provide an optimal vantage point for spectators at concerts, sports events and festivals. With customisable configurations, comfortable seating and reliable construction, our viewing platforms ensure an enhanced viewing experience for audiences of all sizes.

Truss Structures

We offer robust and versatile truss structures for various applications.  Our high quality truss systems, Prolyte and NEXT  provide support and flexibility for stages, event structures and lighting rigs.  With custom tailored configurations, easy assembly and excellent load bearing capacity, our Truss Structures ensure a safe and reliable framework for your event or production needs.

LED Wall Supports

Our LED Truss Wall Supports provide a stable and robust structure for LED displays.  Each structure is designed to suit the specific LED display and will ensure structural safety.  Often used in addition to our ballast.  We can also supply the LED screens.

Entrances & Gateways

Our custom designed solutions for Entrances and Gateways offer an impressive and welcoming entry point for events and venues. Entrance structures can feature lighting, branding and video screens, creating a lasting first impression for your site.

Media Platforms

Our purpose-built Media Platforms offer a comfortable and elevated platform for media personnel to capture the action. With custom design features and safety measures, we provide the ideal vantage point for media professionals to deliver comprehensive coverage of events.

Tiered Seating

Our versatile Tiered Seating systems provide excellent visibility and comfortable seating for audiences at events, performances and presentations.  Tiered Seating enhances the spectator experience and maximises seating capacity.

Access Ramps

Our Access ramps provide a safe and convenient solution for wheelchair users, individuals with mobility challenges, also providing access for equipment and kit loading.  Access Ramps ensure inclusivity and ease of movement for all.


Our premium elegant Marquees provide a versatile and stylish solution for weddings, corporate functions and special occasions.  With weather resistant materials and professional installation, our marquees create a captivating atmosphere, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Pop Up Gazebo's

Easy to assemble and quick set up, our Pop-up Gazebos provide instant shelter and shade, perfect for events, markets and recreational activities.  Our Pro range of Pop-Up Gazebos offer additional strength and wind resistance over cheaper alternatives.

Airclad Units

These inflatable modular structures, with quick installation and striking designs create unique temporary spaces. They are fully enclosed and can be supplied with custom branding or advertising for your event.  AV equipment is also an optional extra.

Airclad Structure

Ideally suited for Activations, Food Vendors, Event Entry points and much more.  Freestanding on all surfaces, with an inflatable modular structure that can be pinned down or weighted.  Available with custom branding or advertising.


We offer an extensive range of site accommodation, from a single cabin through to site accommodation, providing on-site offices, meeting spaces and accommodation.  We can also supply storage containers and toilets.

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