Site Lighting

Site Lighting provided by Scorpion Site & Power Services will that your site is not only well illuminated but also operates seamlessly in hours of darkness.

We offer a wide range of portable, powerful and innovative Lighting solutions to help keep sites illuminated when there is insufficient natural light. Our range extends from dazzling Festoon Lights and Decorative Coloured LED Lighting to powerful Flood Lights and Diesel Tower Lights suitable for construction work, roadside lighting, overflow car parks and events.

We recognise that each site is unique which is why our lighting designs are custom tailored to meet the specific needs of your projects.  Whether for decorative or functional purposes, Scorpion Site & Power Services will provide a successful lighting solution.

Festoon Lighting

Transform your spaces with stunning Festoon Lighting.  Our high-quality Festoon Lights create captivating ambience for any occasion or event.  With versatile installation options and energy efficient LED lamps, we ensure your site is lit with an efficient and creative solutions.

Flood Lights

Illuminate your surroundings with powerful Flood Lighting.  Our wide range of high-performance Flood Lights provide bright and wide-reaching illumination for a diverse range of applications. With energy efficient LED technology, our Floodlighting solutions provide enhanced security, visibility and aesthetics for outdoor spaces, event sites and more.

Tower Lights

Enhance visibility and safety with Diesel Tower Lighting solutions.  Our Diesel Tower Lights provide powerful illumination for construction sites, roadside lighting, overflow car parks and outdoor events.  With diesel powered generators, adjustable tower heights and durable construction, our Lighting Towers provide a stand-alone solution for floodlighting requirements.

Decorative Lighting

Add a touch of elegance and charm to any space with Decorative Lighting.  Our extensive range of Decorative Lighting offers unique and eye-catching designs, ideal for weddings, parties, outdoor venues and more.  We have a wide range of lighting fixtures available from colour changing LED Floods to Festoon and Custom Décor lights.

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