Pedestrian & Traffic Management

Pedestrian and Traffic Management solutions from Scorpion Site & Power Services ensure safety, efficiency and order in your spaces.  Designed to regulate site management, traffic flow, guide pedestrian traffic and manage crowds, creating environments that prioritise safety and fluid movement.

We can provide a versatile range of solutions, from Traffic and No Waiting Cones to Barriers and Fences, together with Track Matting for temporary walkways, roadways and ground protection.

We acknowledge that crowd control is paramount for safety which is why our Crowd/Pit Barriers ensure that the fencing in high traffic areas at front of stage positions is of the correct type to prevent collapse or crush injury.

Traffic Cones

Safe traffic management with high visibility Traffic Cones provides effective guidance and hazard markings for events, roadways and construction sites.  With bright colours, reflective bands and sturdy construction, these Traffic Cones promote safety and effective traffic flow.

No Waiting Cones

Control parking and traffic flow efficiently using No Waiting Cones. These prominent cones clearly indicate restricted areas and no parking zones.  All our cones are of the accepted triangular design to allow use on national highways.

Track Matting

Track matting is available for temporary roadways and ground protection.  Our heavy-duty matting provides safe passage for vehicles and equipment on unstable surfaces. With easy installation and effective traction, our Track Matting preserves surfaces whilst facilitating smooth movement in challenging terrains.

Pedestrian Flooring

Our Pedestrian Flooring solutions provide safe and comfortable walking surfaces for events, construction sites, pedestrian pathways and public spaces.  With slip resistant materials, easy installation, our Pedestrian Flooring promotes safety and accessibility.

Pedestrian Barriers

Our Pedestrian Barriers ensure controlled pedestrian movement and effective crowd management for events, construction sites and public areas.  With easy set-up our barriers provide security whilst maintaining smooth pedestrian flow.

VIP Entrances

Elevate guest experiences with our VIP Entrances creating a welcoming entry point for special events and occasions. With Red Carpets, Rope and Post sides, Elegant Décor, Guest Management and custom-tailored Truss Arches our VIP Entrances will provide a memorable experience.

Cable Management

Organised and efficient Cable Management Systems for routing, protection and organisation of safe cabling.  Our Cable Management provides a functional cable infrastructure that ensures safety and neatness for all cabling.


Deliver powerful messaging and branding for events, construction sites and more.  With tailored designs, durable materials and expert installation, our Custom Signage enhances visibility, professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and site visitors.

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