Scorpion Site & Power provides a comprehensive range of Fencing systems which include Traffic Management, Pedestrian Control and Crowd Safety, to safeguard and control your spaces.

Our Fencing solutions include Heras fencing along with accessories such as  back stays and gates, Chapter 8 Traffic barriers and Pedestrian barriers ensuring safe and controlled movement in high traffic areas.   We also recognise the importance of Crowd safety and our Crowd/Pit Barrier offer the ideal solution where crowd pressure could overwhelm other barrier systems.

In addition, our Scrim Coverings are available to provide privacy where required.  These can be supplied as either standard scrim colour or the scrim custom designed for your event or advertising branding.

Herras Fencing

Site security and boundary control can easily be achieved with our Heras Fencing solutions, providing temporary solutions for event sites, construction and many other applications.  With easy installation, our Heras Fencing provides enhanced safety and protection for your project.

Pedestrian Barrier

Create a safe and controlled environment with our Pedestrian Barriers.  Our Barriers offer effective crowd management and pedestrian control for events, construction sites and public spaces.  Sturdy construction and easy set-up, our barriers will provide safe and smooth flow of foot traffic in any setting.

Pit Barrier (Mojo)

Maintain safety and control in crowded areas with Pit/Crowd barriers.  Our robust barriers provide a reliable solution for crowd management, ensuring the separation of audiences away from hazardous areas. Built to approved standards to prevent collapse under pressure, our Pit/Crowd barriers establish a secure environment for events, concerts and festivals.

Skrim Covering

Transform your events sites with a Scrim Covering.  Our high-quality Scrim Covers offer visually appealing solutions for custom branding, weather protection and privacy.  With various sizes and printing options available, our Scrim Coverings provide a professional and eye-catching finish to any space.

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