Additional Services

Scorpion Site and Power offers a variety of additional services, rounding up our delivery of complete site infrastructure. These services include:

  • Internet and Wi-Fi supply
  • Temporary Heating Systems
  • Ballast Weights
  • Temporary Water Supplies
  • Site Plant Equipment
  • Site Staff for construction and management
  • Waste Management and Site Clearance
  • Technical Production Services

Our wide-ranging delivery ensures that we can encompass a full-service supply to your site or event, delivering everything through one point of contact.

Our diverse hire stock can deliver almost anything required on an event site, so if you have a requirement that you have not seen on our website, or is highly bespoke, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be able to assist.

Internet & Wifi

Scorpion provides mobile internet services which can supply site wide connectivity via Wi-Fi or cabled services. From setup to support, we keep you connected, enabling smooth communication and efficient operations in any location. Stay linked with our trusted solutions.


Maintain comfort in any environment with our portable heating solutions. Our efficient and easy-to-use heaters provide warmth for various settings, from marquees to existing buildings.  Ensure a cosy atmosphere, even in challenging conditions, with our reliable portable heating options.


Scorpion Site & Power Services provide concrete and water ballast solutions. Our versatile options provide secure anchoring for structures, equipment, and temporary installations. From robust concrete blocks to portable water-filled ballast, we ensure a safe and reliable ballast solution to keep your projects grounded.

Temporary Water Supply

Ensure hydration and convenience with temporary water supply solutions. Our expert team sets up reliable water sources for events, construction sites, and outdoor locations.  We provide tanks, pumps, pipes, stand-pipes, sinks and troughs.  From installation to maintenance, we provide access to clean and portable water.

Site Plant

Scorpion Site & Power Services supply a wide variety of site plant and machinery.  From aerial access, through site forklifts and telehandlers to ATU’s and buggies.  Scorpion can provide a full range of solutions for the machines to keep your site moving.

Site Staff

Rely on Scorpion Site & Power Services for dependable Site Staff. Our experienced personnel are skilled in managing and maintaining site operations efficiently. From site build to event management, machine operators, security and technical staff.  Our competent teams ensure your project runs smoothly and safely.

Waste & Site Clearance

Enhance site cleanliness with our waste and site clearance solutions. Our efficient waste management processes ensure the safe and responsible disposal of debris and materials.  We provide site bins and skips, including emptying during and after the event.  Additionally, we can supply a full site clearance service after the event. Choose our services for hassle-free waste and site clearance that prioritises cleanliness and sustainability.

Technical Production

Elevate your event with Scorpion Site & Power Services' technical production expertise. Our skilled team orchestrates every technical aspect, from lighting and sound to AV setups. We craft seamless and immersive experiences, ensuring your event's technical production matches your vision, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

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